Theme Review

Choose a section from We Are All Made of Molecules.

 Password: wgssenglish

Work on a piece of paper or on Google Docs

1. Skim/read through the section.

2. What is the theme from this section?

- Remember, the theme is a topic plus an insight.

3. Draft a theme statement

4. Find three pieces of evidence from the passage to support

5. Explainhow and why the evidence supports your theme statement.

Submit to Mr. Frankson.

Poetic Devices "Dictionary"

Poetic Devices "Dictionary"

Primary Source Worksheet Key

Compare your answers the the example answers on the KEY. Remember to answer in complete sentences and  make sure you use detail and go as deep as you can with your responses.

Final Assessment Overview

For our two final assessment days, we will have one day devoted to English and the other day devoted to Social Studies. Both will not take the whole two hours.

The first final assessment on Friday, June 14th will be Social Studies

The second final assessment on Monday Jun 17th will be English

Here is the handout I gave out summarizing what will be on the two assessments and what we will be reviewing and practicing on the days leading up to the end of the year.

Genius Hour Project Criteria/Rubrics

Here are the two rubrics we will use on our 2 presentation days for your Inquiry Project:


Teacher Rubric

Venn Diagram PDF

Inquiry Project: Creating Strong Inquiry Questions

Here is the video to help you think deeper into your inquiry project questions:

Instant Inquiry: Level 1, 2 and 3 Questions

a. Each partner will research and present three questions from there project
b. All questions are to be Level 2 or Level 3 questions.
c. Your questions should get you to think critically and cannot be answered with a quick Google search!