Civilization Project: Map

Your Civilization, of course, needs a map so we can see what it looks like on paper (literally)!


Your map must have:
-a clear purpose (to show the layout and geography of your civilization)
-continents (land) and oceans (water)
-a legend of symbols and signs on the map (at least 10)
-latitude and longitude
-a scale for reference (for example: 1 cm : 100 km)
-cities with names (at least 3 or 4)
-rivers and lakes with names
-at least 3 or 4 other land features with names (mountains, plateaus, plains, bay, etc.)
-borders or other divisions (provinces, states, prefectures, etc.)
-a compass rose
-forests/national parks
-any other ideas you might have!

Generally, your map should have all the required parts, be clear and organized, not have much empty space and look presentable!

You will complete your draft copy by Monday November 5th, your good copy will be due November 8th. You can do you completed version on the computer if you like, just check with Mr. Frankson.

Civilization Project


Here is the link for our Civilizations Project:

Civilizations Project Handout

Please read through it if you can. We will go through in class tomorrow (Friday October 26th)!

Please look at the due dates!

-Mr Frankson

Commonplace Book

This year, we will be creating what is called a “Commonplace Book.” It is a blank notebook of your choosing where you will be putting creative and poetic writing pieces.


UPDATE: Your Commonplace Journal should have....
1. Your chosen quote.
2. The meaning and/or origin of you first name and last name
3. Your reflection on the shinrin-yoku (forest walk). “I felt before...” and “I felt after...”
4. Two doodles, ideally, on the back pages of your journal. Don’t worry if they are somewhere else in the book.
5. See A. below....

Homework for Thursday, November 15th:
A. Make sure you have all the above.
B. Go on a “shinrin-yoku” and find something to glue/attach into your journal -> could be a leaf, a stick, a flower, etc.

Classroom Expectations

Here are our expectations of Humanities 8 students this year.
1. We should all show kindness, compassion, respect, and empathy for others.
2. Be on time and ready and willing to work
3. Be willing to make mistakes, learn, grow - be curious!
4. Phones are only permitted when students are asked to use them, or ask for permission
5. Do your best, don't try your best
6. Always have a silent reading book with you
7. If you need a computer or tablet to write, please bring it!

If students follow these guidelines they will have a good and successful year!

-Mr. Frankson

Homework: Bio Poem

Hello Grade 8 Gators!

Please complete your Bio Poem by next class.

We will be doing our good copies this week (October 1st to 4th).

1. Finish draft of poem.
2. In class: Create your poem’s background, see the example finished product below. Remember please make your background a complete finished product. No pencil. Please use pencil crayon, markers, fine liner, or other art material (see Mr. Frankson)
3. Type up good copy of poem. Cut up poem lines to paste onto your background as you want.

Due Thursday October 4th, at the end of class.


Example Finished Product

UPDATE: Poem Assessment Scale 

Binder Check: Monday's Class

For Monday, please be prepared to have your binder checked, so that you have everything we have done so far.

You should have:
a course outlineyour "If I could have three things..." writing [will be returned on Monday]your civilization graphic organizer (the 8 bubbles mind map)your two cause and consequence handouts - the chart and the note-taking sheeta copy of the "8 Aspects of Civilization" your notes on evidence and primary sources

If you are missing any of these, please see Mr. Frankson.